Pricing for baby blankets

Lets make figuring out the pricing easy.  Here is the price in black and white or gray and white, or pink and blue. Ha ha.

The cost of the blanket (Baby Blue, Pink or White) including embroidery of your words and including a handwritten card $25.00. That is it, no surcharges, fees, etc. Just a high quality product that will make a great impression for $25.00. Why not? Just go to our secure order form and you can place your order right now. Your blanket will be there in just a few days.

Our beautiful fleece blanket will be a keepsake forever.

Shipping and Handling - Priority Mail $0.00 - Free shipping and handling.

Total:  $25.00

You can go to our secure order form, and order right now, we will ship the blanket out to you in just a few days.

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